BACK WEST: artist workshop & retreat

This July Hannah and I spearheaded a retreat at my favorite place in the world- the Oregon Coast. We wanted to make a productive, non-product oriented space where creative genesis and self-care were paramount. There ended up being four of us with help and contribution from many friends and family in the North West. 

Back West refers to going home in a literal sense for me, but also as a way of creating a cozy creative home, with communal meals, collaborative exercises, and feed back on individual projects. Each participant brought a project and lead a workshop. From devised movement pieces inspired by wildlife on the beach, to on camera auditions and character workshops each it was a wild time. I thoroughly felt nourished, I saw the buds of projects flourish, and I had a grand old time. 

Look out for information on future retreats and future iterations of the work developed during Back West in the coming months.